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About Chengxin

Ruian Chengxin Machinery Co., Ltd.,founded in August 1993, is a member of gravure branch of China Printing Technology Association. It is an enterprise specializing in the development and production of printing and packaging machinery and equipment. At present, the enterprise mainly produces four series of more than 20 specifications: Double Spiral Knife Paper Cutter, High-precision Hob Paper Cutter, High-precision Cross Cutter and Stripping Rewinder. Over the years, the company has focused on technologies, products and all-round solutions related to the cutting before and after printing of drum material, covering many application fields such as tobacco, wine and cosmetic packaging, and has established mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation with more than 200 cigarette and wine packaging enterprises in China.
Honesty, innovation, excellence and perfection are the company's unswerving business philosophy. With reliable product quality and good after-sales service, the company has won the recognition of the majority of users in the cigarette package printing industry and formed a good brand advantage. At present, the development of the enterprise has entered a new milestone. All colleagues are determined to continue to carry forward the pioneering spirit, strive to improve quality, promote the development of the industry, and make due contributions to the printing and packaging industry.


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